Fischer Identity on AWS

Fischer Identity on AWS

Fischer Identity is committed to hosting all of our cloud-based customers on AWS to provide a highly stable, secure, and fully redundant security solution. Fischer Identity provides a full suite of Identity Governance, Administration, and Access Management, hosted on the AWS Cloud. Based on the client’s requirements, Fischer and AWS work together to provide the most advantageous implementation architecture. AWS is the leader in infrastructure services, and together with Fischer, enterprises and organizations will be safe and secure. This combination is advantageous to all verticals and all organizations, large or small.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC)

Case Study


The existing on premise IAM solution was not flexible and unmanaged, making it difficult to provide the correct access for faculty and students. Making user access changes was time consuming with outdated processes.


SIUC required an established vendor with significant IAM experience with offerings in the AWS cloud that could be implemented rapidly with full post production support – The Fischer/AWS solution was selected to ensure they were positioned for the future.


Rapid implementation resulted in an ease of use/simple solution, to reduce pressure on internal resources. The seamless SSO user experience alleviated barriers to enrollment with a fully supported, managed product.


Architecture Independence

Fischer Identity on AWS offers clients a flexible cloud architecture for the implementation of a Identity Governance and Administration solution. Fischer on AWS is available in a multi-tenant Identity as a Service, Private Cloud, or Sole Tenant cloud. A client may opt for Identity as a Service architecture which is fully managed by Fischer Identity. Additionally, clients have the option of a Sole Tenant or Private cloud which is managed by the client, or a combination of the client and Fischer team.

Solution Sustainability

The consistent delivery model and AWS infrastructure provide clients with a supportable and sustainable solution adding to the ROI of the infrastructure. The subscription pricing model provides predictable costs, to stay within budgets, while providing significant business value across the enterprise.

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