Fischer University

With a variety of training options in the industry, we found that providing training on the Identity discipline itself was a missing piece. Our training platform is the first of its kind where it provides you with training on the Identity discipline as well as detailed training on the Fischer Identity product. We are excited every day to continue to build more training courses to help you grow your knowledge of identity.

And we didn’t stop at providing an online learning platform that is self-paced and easy to consume, our University also provides customers with a path to a revolutionary method of training your team on your Fischer Identity Solution. Our Solution Training package provides your organization with a strategic and highly effective onboarding solution as you hire more identity experts to manage your solution post production. The Solution Training module provides you and your team with video-based documentation with assessments to ensure your team understands your solution and can support it. Fischer’s Leadership Series will provide you with online, live (and pre-recorded) courses to help you build an agnostic identity program strategy.

Executives are often the sponsors of identity but often times the day to day technicalities can cloud the true vision and goal of identity for your organization. Through this program you can learn and collaborate with tenured identity experts to help create a strategy and roadmap for success.

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