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Discover our revolutionary Workflow Studio – the ultimate, codeless solution for creating seamless automated workflows. Designed for both technical experts and non-technical administrators, it empowers users with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates, making workflow development a breeze. Say goodbye to technical hurdles and welcome everyone in your organization to harness the power of automation. Integrated seamlessly into our Identity Governance and Administration solution, our Workflow Studio boasts over 100 data transformation rules and prebuilt connectors, ensuring smooth integration with a variety of systems. Join us in simplifying and supercharging your workflow experience



Provides a no-code interface that allows both technical and non-technical administrators to visually design automated workflows without writing code. This simplifies the process and lowers the bar for creation and maintenance.


The drag-and-drop workflow designer makes it intuitive and easy to rearrange steps, add conditions, loops, and branches to automation flows. This streamlines workflow development compared to writing code.


Pre-built templates for common automation tasks like approvals, notifications, data transformation, and connector integrations handle much of the implementation details behind the scenes. Admins can quickly assemble workflows by dragging and configuring blocks.


The codeless approach future-proofs automations from vendor or technology changes by capturing the overall workflow logic visually instead of as executable code. Workflows remain portable and editable.


It encourages more administrators throughout the organization to leverage automation capabilities by removing technical barriers to entry for workflow building and management.


The Studio included with the identity governance and administration (IGA) solution features an extensive library of over 100 predefined data transformation rules. This broad selection of rules simplifies and streamlines the process of architecting automated workflows and integrations within the IGA platform. Administrators can quickly configure the necessary data formats, mappings, and modifications directly through the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, without the need for custom coding. The large number and variety of transformation rules provided aim to satisfy most typical integration and automation use cases required by IGA solutions. This steers organizations to more easily meet their specific IGA requirements through the facilitated design of visually-constructed workflows that leverage the platform’s extensive rule library for common data wrangling tasks.


The Studio’s ability to construct scheduled automated workflows facilitates the optimization and streamlining of business processes through integration and data synchronization activities. Workflows can be designed to continuously pull relevant data from designated systems of record or source systems of authority on a predetermined schedule. The studio’s wide selection of over 100 data transformation rules then enables administrators to efficiently manipulate and refine the source data as needed prior to propagation into downstream target systems. This scheduled execution of visually designed workflows effectively automates multi-step business processes by standardizing the extraction, modification, and distribution of pertinent information from source to target platforms on a recurring basis. The automation of such repetitive data integration tasks serves to improve operational efficiency while reducing reliance on manual effort-intensive processes.


The Studio’s support for delta processing functionality serves to optimize data integration workflows by minimizing unnecessary data handling. Through delta processing, the studio is able to efficiently synchronize changes by selectively extracting and processing only the discrete subsets of source data that have been newly added, updated or removed since the previous synchronization interval. Rather than redundantly reprocessing entire datasets in full during each scheduled workflow execution, delta processing isolates differential data movements between source systems of authority and target systems. This approach significantly reduces overall workload and processing times compared to full refreshes by narrowing the scope of data transformation and migration to just the incremental changes. Leveraging delta processing as enabled through the codeless workflow designer thus aims to maximize efficiency of automated workflows and minimize resource overhead associated with continuous replication of dynamic data between integrated platforms.


The codeless workflow studio contains an extensive library of prebuilt connector components, comprising hundreds of options for integrating with both industry-standard and organization-specific data sources and systems. This expansive collection of connectors facilitates simple and rapid design of automated data exchange workflows between the identity governance and administration platform and external systems. Connectors are available for integration with prominent HR/HCM systems such as Workday, Oracle E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft. They likewise support synchronization with core identity management tools including Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID, and leading MFA solutions like Duo. Beyond these frequently encountered solutions, connectors span a wide spectrum of additional applications covering areas like email/collaboration (Google Workspace), cloud services, on-premises databases, APIs, and customized proprietary systems. Administrators benefit from these preexisting connectors by being able to quickly incorporate automated imports and exports into workflows without extensive development effort. The extensive choice of integration options aims to accommodate connectivity requirements for most any external source or target system.

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