Accelerated Identity

Identity Access Management - Less Than 30 Days

Accelerated Identity

Our Accelerated Identity service simplifies the complex process of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
implementations with a streamlined and efficient solution that is built to scale as your organization grows. 

Our structured data model, developed utilizing our 20+ years of Identity Access Management (IAM) expertise, enables
your organization to initiate a secure future in less time and for less expense.

Identity Core

Identity Foundation

Establish a vital part of your operations to address business and IT requirements with Fischer’s Accelerated Identity service. Once this IAM foundation is in place, you can progressively enhance it to drive more automation.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box

You can now leverage the power of pre-built templates and configurations using a solution that is based on our 20+ years of experience as well as industry best practices. The best part is that you save time and money on customizations and get to implementation fast!

Scalable & Extensible

Scalable & Extensible

The foundation for Accelerated Identity is specifically designed to allow for seamless solution expansion – with clicks, not code – and without the hassle of starting from scratch. You can rest assured that this solution will adapt to your business needs, no matter how they change over time.

Time to Value

Rapid Time to Value

Accelerated Identity provides a streamlined, intuitive interface that can be quickly deployed to achieve complete visibility and control over your organization’s identities and access in no time. No lengthy and complicated implementations, just a powerful and robust solution that is built for speed and efficiency.

Achieve complete visibility and control over your
organization’s identities and access in less than 30 days!

Start Today to Secure and Simplify Your Identity Management Program

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