Deployment Options

One of the first steps is choosing the proper architecture for your solution. All options should be considered based upon available personnel resources and cost considerations:
For enterprises who have the resources to manage software configurations and infrastructure support including their associated integrations. On-premise provides greater levels of control for all aspects of the solution.
Identity as a Service ® (IaaS)
This architecture offers enterprises the ability to quickly implement a solution with immediate cost-savings, easy scalability and a greater degree of flexibility for businesses looking to expand.
Sole Tenant Cloud-based
A sole tenant solution is a cloud- based, with similar administrative rights to manage the solution as on premise but resides in the cloud where Fischer Identity supports the infrastructure.
Private Cloud
Similar to an On-premise solution, Fischer Identity installs the solution in your own private cloud when the client has full administrative access for all configurations including workflows, integrations, applications, etc.
Organizations should examine the options to select which solution best suits their needs and budgetary commitment, examining the security and usability requirements of their constituents. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is definitely a factor that also needs to be considered.

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