University of Wisconsin Credit Union Case Study

University of Wisconsin Credit Union Case Study

The Overview

Fischer Identity was deployed in multiple phases initially built to manage the day-to-day user lifecycle of their internal employees, as well as consultants associated with the credit union. In addition, to meet their regulatory requirements, University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UWCU) utilizes the compliance and certification features to verify user access.

In the initial phase, the solution was deployed to automate the user lifecycle of employees that were provided via a flat file. The information obtained from the source of authority was then processed through the Fischer Identity Suite to provision/de-provision access to Active Directory and Exchange accounts so that the employees could continue their job functions. In addition, multiple other applications needed to be provisioned/de-provisioned utilizing Fischer’s Administrative Provisioning feature, which allows for the full business process to occur submitting requests to the application owner to manually provision/ de-provision the access required for the user.

Once the user’s access had been provisioned, they were able to leverage identity claiming, which allowed them to securely complete their security profile and set their initial password. Along, with the deployment of an easy-to-use interface for managing passwords, end users had the ability to request additional access, with the appropriate approval layers in place, when needed.

During the second phase, UWCU decided to switch to UltiPro as their source of authority, as well as move to Office 365 as their email system, replacing their on-premises Exchange system. With the expertise that Fischer Identity had in previous deployments of these applications, the transition was quick and seamless.U

The Challenge

UWCU was using a manual process for Identity and Access Management (IAM), but due to regulatory requirements, there was a need to look at an IAM solution that could address these challenges with a clear ROI business case.

The Opportunity

UWCU published a full suite IAM RFI including life cycle management, access request, managing of access policies with role management, access certification, in depth reporting/analytics and other components seeking higher experience with references. There were eleven vendors that received the RFI followed by a rigorous selection process consisting of response reviews, on site demonstrations, on site proof of concepts and final vendor selection – Fischer Identity.

The Result

By deploying the Fischer solutions, UWCU was able to better serve their employee community with a timelier user provisioning/de-provisioning process, as well as a self-service user interface to manage their passwords and request additional access. In addition, after deploying their attestation campaigns, the auditors were extremely pleased with the results with verifying user access across multiple applications and remediate over privileged access when discovered.

About University of Wisconsin Credit Union

In 1931, UW Credit Union was founded to ensure the well-being of their clients. Although UW Credit Union name is tied to the University, since it was founded by professors and graduate students, the credit union serves not only those associated with the university but also many other clients around the world that are not associated with the university. The credit union has over 300,000 members. These members enjoy the ability to have great rates, less fees, and a great team of financial experts to assist them in their everyday lives. UWCU is based in both Milwaukee and Madison but have other satellite campuses around Wisconsin.

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