Microsoft Active Directory
A comprehensive directory server by Microsoft for managing user identities, permissions, and access controls in Windows environments.
389 Directory Server
An open-source directory server that provides LDAP-based identity and access management capabilities.
Red Hat Directory Server
A directory server solution from Red Hat that offers centralized user management, authentication, and access control services.
OpenLDAP Directory Server
An open-source implementation of the LDAP protocol that enables directory services for user management and authentication.
Microsft ADAM / AD LDS
A lightweight directory server by Microsoft designed for directory-enabled applications and services.
IBM SecureWay Directory Server
An IBM directory server solution that provides robust identity management and access control features.
IBM Tivoli Directory Server
A directory server offering from IBM that provides centralized user management and authentication services.
Novell eDirectory
A directory server solution by Novell that enables secure and scalable identity management and access controls.
OpenDJ Directory Server
An open-source directory server derived from the ForgeRock OpenDJ project, supporting LDAP-based identity management.
Oracle Internet Directory
An LDAP-compliant directory server by Oracle that offers identity management and access control capabilities.
UnboundID Data Store
A high-performance directory server that provides LDAP and REST APIs for managing user identities and access controls.
An enterprise access management system that enables centralized management of groups, roles, and permissions within an organization.

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